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What to Expect From a Property Management Company

If you are new to hiring a property management company, you might be unsure as to what to expect when they come to your property.  It is clearly an important aspect of running a business, to make sure that the building you are using is safe and secure!  Here are our main things to expect when hiring a property management company:

  • Security:  all staff from the company should be able to product a form of ID to show that they are a part of the company.  Seems obvious, but just think of how many strangers could easily wander around your building unchecked!
  • Trustworthy: Expect all the management staff to be honest and trustworthy.  They should definitely seem like good people, after all, you are trusting them to take care of you!
  • Offer a range of services: your company should be able to undertake as many of the tasks as you require.  If you have outside space, they should offer to look after it, cut any grass etc.  They should definitely maintain bathrooms and washrooms and should provide security service for nighttime and the front desk.
  • Connections.  Your company should be able to list off a number of other companies they work with to provide services.  We can’t expect one company to be experts in all areas, thus you’d expect them to have a few friends ready and available to help out when things get tough!

Take this advice and we guarantee you’ll be on your way to finding a brilliant property management company!

Steps to Keeping Your Carpets Clean and Tidy

If you have lots of carpets in your property, then you are probably used to running a vacuum cleaner over them from time to time.  This is a good start, but to really clean the carpets, you need to use some cleaning products!  You’d be amazed at the amount of dirt held deep within the carpet fibres that a vacuum cleaner simply cannot get to.  Here are the steps for using carpet cleaning products in order to get your carpeted areas spick and span in no time!

Step One: Decide which type of product you wish to use.  Some cleaners are in powder form, some are to be diluted with water.  Depending on the size of the carpet you need to clean, you can choose the right product to suit.  Powders can be spread over large areas relatively quickly, whereas liquids take a little more time.

Step Two: If you are using a powder cleaner, always read the label first to check how much to dispense onto the carpet at once.  If using a liquid, again, check to see how much to dilute in water.  If you over-dilute it, it will not work as well!

Step Three: Leave the product on for at least 30 minutes, however it is even better to leave it overnight.  As a general rule, the packages normally say 30 minutes.

Step Four: Once the product has sat for the recommended time, hoover the product off.  It should have softened up any stains and brought those with it.  Make sure any liquid cleaner is fully dry before you vacuum!

Why to Choose Top Quality Fixtures & Fittings…

You have probably heard the phrase “you get what you pay for”.  This could not be more true when it comes to buying your office furniture!  Think about how many times you have bought cheap items, only for them to break or become damaged after a few uses.  It is important to consider the amount of use each item of furniture will get during the average day – if you are buying new desks and chairs for your staff, they are likely to be used everyday for a considerable amount of time.  However, a few decorative touches such as vases or lamps are less likely to be heavily used.  It makes sense to pay a little more for the items you will be using every day, and getting the most use out of.

When budgetting for an office overhaul, you might like to take on the expert opinion of a property management company, as they often offer general fittings services too.  They are likely to know or be able to get hold of some items at better prices than the everyday worker from the office.  They will be able to get trades prices for things, which can save a lot of money in the long run.

Tips for Decorating Your Office

When it comes to decorating your office, it is important to think about the colour schemes you want to use.  You might have a strong brand image to uphold, or perhaps you want to emit a certain feeling or vibe when people enter the room?  Here are our top tips for making sure you get it right.

  1. Brand is everything!  If you already have a strong brand, perhaps you are well known in the local area.  It is important that the colour scheme you choose to decorate your office with matches or at least complements your brand!  Let’s say your brand uses navy blue and grey.  It is important to feature these colours, along with some complementary shades when decorating the room so that visitors can instantly see that you are the brand they know and love.