Bunking Up In Railway Carriage Chalet

When we were very small, our parents used to regularly take us to Pagham in Sussex – staying in one of a set of old railway carriages that had been turned into holiday chalets.  I clearly recall the bunk bed arrangment in one section – because the ceiling of the carriage was domed, the top bunk was a bit snug and was daunting at first.  The rest of the accommodation has gone in a blur of mismatched memories.  I do remember there was a verandah along the front – with steps up in the middle to the door of the carriage.  I lso remember the windows had catches to allow you to slide the glass panels open – with the top section dropping open only a little way.  We never had very hot summers in those days and yet I recall our bedroom feeling unbearably hot and stuffy at night.   Probably because I was consigned to that top bunk!