Choosing Tradespeople With Honesty & Integrity In Mind

There cannot be much more of a frightening scenario on the home front than to have something serious happen to the house – a fire or maybe a break-in.  It makes the whole of our future experience in the property take on a completely different feel.  Nothing is more important than the feeling of being safe and secure, belonging.  When we need to have work done on our properties, the opportunity for fraud or underhand treatment is obviously increased.  That’s why it is vital to engage the services of tradespeople and experts who are known throughout the locality for their good workmanship, honesty and ethical operations.  I for one will never ever pay ‘under the counter’. . . .  i.e. paying less than the usual rate – generally by not paying VAT.  This is a sign of an inherently dishonest operator and therefore not deserving of my hard earned funds.  I mean to say, who is going to pay ito the national treasury for all those new nurses, doctors, police etc etc that were so needed when we had the recent general election.  Evading all taxes is not good.  It is cheating on everyone else.