Choosing Which Home Improvements Needs Care

I have been watching with great interest one of the local houses.  The family moved in some eight years ago, strangely with no fanfare or fuss.    Since then the new family have had an incredible amount of work carried out on the house.

They used local trades people to completely gut the loft space, using specialist contractors to replace the supporting eaves, new flooring needed too to deaden sound down to the bedrooms.  Once the new cinema room was complete they decided to convert the double width garage into a games room and bar.   It seems an odd thing to do when so many families, needing the extra space, can’t buy these bigger homes.  As soon as one comes on the market, it is snapped up.  Luckily.  I shall watch with interest.   As the two boys have  now flown the nest  only the parents remain;  the house has been on the market for eight months.  Not a single viewing.  Apparently.