Craftsman’s Expertise Wins Over Speedy Completion

One of the things about visiting the countryside is noticing the difference in the house building and development work.  Out in villages, it is critical to keep the fields for farming and not very much land is ever available for housing until a government dictate that insists county building plans are consulted upon and updated.    The only new places are at the expense of an old one – either completely flattened and replaced, or partly so and added to.  There are now lots of these refurbishment and replacement projects going on – a reflection on the need for families to get out there on to the mortgage ladder.

I have been interested in a project to convert a tiny little village school room into a small studio dwelling.  The building team involved are making a fab job.  Slow but exsquisite finishes.  One project where excellence of craftsmanship takes first place over their speed of workmanship!