Design Brief – Watery Wharfs & Gingerbread Build

I often leaf through the endless stream of magazines in the supermarket – thechance to look at ideas for decor and maybe a quick glance at what’s going on in today’s world of self build and design  . . .  In all of the magazines geared for ladies, of a certain age and up, there are adverts for various river cruises, coach trips, railways trips etc. and every single one includes Amsterdam and / or Bruges.  Both of these locations are jolly pretty – well the one or two cobbled paved areas they show in the ad.  When you take the included excersion, on a river barge, you’re guided to look up and appreciate the intriguing architecture and it’s only recently I really did do that.  I did wonder how on earth did they build such pretty little narrow gingerbread style homes and wharfs on top of such a watery base.    I’m quite sure the local design teams in my town would be able to produce ideas for building on top of man made canals – their training would have covered all kinds of scenarios I’m sure;  but I’m jolly glad they wouldn’t have to in reality!