Developing In Wrong Area Has Dire Consequences

There are many rules in this country concerned with land and where you can and cannot build – the local country councils have had to draw up their five year plans for some time now, at least 30 years.  These give the boundary areas within which land will be designated as suitable or appropriate for property development.  The rest, outside those marked zones will not be considered unless by way of a sudden law change or some decree from the government in an emergency situationThe land that is still considered ‘safe’ from development is usually referred to as green belt – as it will be prime farm land or other landscaped area kept for the good of the populace.  People do try and get round these rules but with a good reporting system, they are found out very quickly and houses to have to be demolished after the errant developer has lost a court case and subsequent appeal.  The point made here is that by using a professional planning and develpment company, with experience of land and planning issues, and a fear of public humiliation if they ignor any –  these rules will be adhered to and development will only take place on bona fide plots.