Dream Building Projects – Experts Needed

It would be wonderful to be able to build ourselves a home of our dreams anywhere we fancied, wouldn’t it.   Well this seems a fabulous plan, on the surface.  However when you look into it a little deeper there are flaws immediately.   As we see from other countries that don’t have our stringent planning controls and regulations, the chance to build absolutely anything anywhere does not actually work.  There have to be compromises with other people who may fance that piece of land too.  So this is where you have to buy it for your self and prove that it is yours and only yours, to build anything on.  Next hurdle is that not every piece of land for sale will have building permissable scope – each county council planning department sets out a five year plan to include the boundary of all permitted developments and anything outside that boundary will not qualify – it will generally be classed as green belt i.e.  plain unbuilt on land.   And with any building project, especially a dream one – a good well experienced professional desiner / architect with good working knowledge of the local planning department is the key to any project taking off.