Elegant Split Level Penthouse – Living The Dream

I had occasion to visit a splendid split level penthouse suite recently.  It is some years since this turn of phrase was used in open conversation . . . .    I was really intrigued to see if this one offered the amazing views and open toof top garden that it had originally been advertised as including.   I worked out that the penthouse I was about to enter must have been built in the late 1980s – it was on top of the once very fashionable hotel next to the river bridge.  I can well remember the adverts for it at the time as they showed an artist’s impression of large spacious sitting room, dining area off the large open concept kitchen.  The king sized edrrom with dressing room and ensuite looked so luxurious back then!  I am pleased to report that most of the flat was of good proportion.  It had been recently refurbished throughout and the kitchen was fantastic.  Can you imagine having to take down all the debris in the service lift and bring all the new fit up that way . . . whooh!