First House Creates Maintenance Learning Curve

Well, that’s the last of the summer holidays – the children have scuttled back to lessons and the rest of the world is settling itself down for the autumn to hit.  This is not quite as alarming in a new house as it is when you own a victorian 3 bedroomed terrace that has had some hard knocks over the  years.

That was my very first house purchase, many years ago it must be said.  If I’d had some ready cash after all the outgoings, I would have engaged the services of a first class interior design and refit team.  Everything was done a job at a time when the funds became available.  A professional property management expert would have looked it over and seen immediately what needed urgent attention and what could wait.  What would be just beautifying and what actually needed doing for safety and value retention and enhancement.  But it and we survived 3 winters there.