From Student Halls Into Co-Hab Living Spaces

There has been all sorts of grumbling in the media about the lack of affordable housing throughout the UK but particularly in the big cities.  Much of the rental stock is held by very unsavory and unscrupulous landlords who let their properties sink into deplorably unkempt and unsafe condition but still rent them out for really high rent.  This sort of behaviour tarnishes the industry and it needs a good honest property management company to really get hold of the properties and restore them to usable condition.  A new idea is to take a larger building and make several individual cohabitant sleeping/living rooms with own private shower room but with shared kitchen and utility facilities.  One I know includes weekly cleaned community areas, shared garden space and compliementary WIFI.  Along the lines of student accommodation, in hard pressed areas, this shceme is aimed at reducing the housing burden for young working professionals.