Houston Rebuilds But Oxford Stands For Ever Still

I have family connections with folk in Houston Texas, Oxford England and various other places but these two locations are notable for their very famous architecture.  Houston is new and ultra modern.  Being in the stormy region – one hit by endless hurricanes, most notably in August and September 2017 during one of the worst periods of that city’s existence.  They were descimated by Hurrican Issaac in the early 2000s and before that Katerina.  Yet they come back time and again to rebuild their city and infrastructure.  We could not hope to cope with that amount of chaos and desolation over here.  The other end of the scale is Oxford.  Beautiful spires of all the historic churches in the collegiate city reinforce the class and the rotunda of the Bodlian library that stands as an icon of everlasting importance in this achingly old university city. No wonder the Americans love coming over here to see our heritage.