Keep An Eye On Pantiles & Roof Gables

One of the most alarming things for property owners is to find bits of it falling off or completely missing.    These many facets of ownership are brought to our attention by the conveyancing lawyer we see when we discuss and sign the contracts.  But how many of us really listen and take in the seriousness of maintaining everything within our boundary in a safe & legal state.   One house I had was adorned with pretty gables at the front, but after a lot of bad winter weather and rain, during bird nesting season the cement/mortar gradually fell out from under the pantiles down the front of each gable.  The problem was actually pointed out by the chap up there reinserting the downpipe back up in the gutter . . . .  professionally he looks at everyone’s roof when he’s up at that level on any task.  He then hopped along the garage roof to inspect the rest of the roof and discovered that birds and weather had eroded the pantile fixings all the way round.   It needed fixing a s a p to stop rain, birds and vermin entering and also to prevent the pantiles flying off.  The job required scaffolding to be erected,  It’s not a lightweight job and had I been more vigilant over the previous years, I would have known what to look out for.  I do now so it won’t happen again.