Making The Most Of The Space At Home

These days each house seems to need to lead a double existence.  When I was a young’n there were very few families that we knew of where anyone worked from home, i.e. carried on their main occupation, in the house.  Apart from the District Nurse up the road.  There was no need to set a room aside for the office work and no need for lots of electronics and wifi as we have to have today.

The house next to me has both parents working from home – they have both taken a bedroom each for their offices – but it’s ok, they do still have another 3 to use for sleeping.  They have had their workspaces made super efficient by a company that deals with property refurbs and renovations – it’s incredible how they have managed to make wonderful work spaces without apparently detracting from the house value.   That is a major consideration when having any work done.