Where Have All The Houses Gone

There are so many houses being built at the moment, it’s as though we are racing to a certain point from which we cannot build anything else for the remainder of this millennium.  For some reason, the office national statistics seems to be thinking there are millions of young families all desperate to buy their first home – there are literally thousand being built every month on the outskirts of every major town and city.   It is possible that the original renting market has all taken it into their heads to buy instead, but this is cannot be the case.  There are many areas where there is an equal number of rental agencies screaming for more stock of good, clean rentable property for their never ceasing waiting lists.   It must just be there are far more young and ‘next stage up’ families out there needing to get settled.  An estate agent’s dream scenario in fact!

Victorian Mid Terrace Throws Up Maintenance Headaches

There are so many different facets to property management.  Firstly we have just the outside to deal with.  i.e. all the pointing work, ensuring no gaps exist between the outer bricks.  Then there are the gutters, fascias and soffits around the roof line.  These can come down with sometimes tragic results when the gusty weather gets up.  One of our houses had a major problem with cast iron gutters – it was a victorian mid terrace . .  .   not easy to fix when you have a couple of houses either side that share the massively heavy and complex gutter and downpipe system.  We also had trouble with the chimney flashings – those little flaps of roof materials that is waterproof and sits below the roof tile to and is pulled up around the edged to stop any water ingress.  This is where a property maintenance company is worth it’s weight in gold.  An annual contract is so worth while.

Man With A Very Big Ladder – Worth His Weight In Gold

Needing to find out what the suspcious banging and scraping noise was down the side of my house after the latest of a series of storms, I found to my horror that part of the guttering had detached itself and was swinging listlessly.   I look around the rest of the house at all levels, but especially up at gutter height.  The old & unused satellite dish was still clinging firm, despite being precariously located.  I made a note of other possible problems areas and came on line to the property maintenance gang   They had been inundated with calls for help.  Being an old customer of theirs, I was offered a slot fairly swiftly.   Access is limited but negotiations with my neighbour for the erection of the ladder round his side meant a quick reinstallation of the gutter took place by someone who really knew what he was doing and he checked the rest of the guttering.  Phew!

Eleanor Blew & Blew But The House Still Stands

Ooh the weather has caused so much of a problem to some folk around here.  There are a few of the houses that face the opposite way to mine and that means they have been seriously buffetted about in the storm force winds that are hanging around.  the geography set always seem to get their information quite correct now, the storms have names and we are told well in advance that we should plan and take action to offset as much damage as possible.  This is probably because in 1987 when there was the worst and deadliest storm in living history, we were all caught out and we lost millions of trees, lamp posts were toppled, power lines down and so much damage to houses it was like a really bad horror film.  Since then I have engaged contractors to ensure my maintenance is current and the house won’t fall around my ankles!

Choosing Which Home Improvements Needs Care

I have been watching with great interest one of the local houses.  The family moved in some eight years ago, strangely with no fanfare or fuss.    Since then the new family have had an incredible amount of work carried out on the house.

They used local trades people to completely gut the loft space, using specialist contractors to replace the supporting eaves, new flooring needed too to deaden sound down to the bedrooms.  Once the new cinema room was complete they decided to convert the double width garage into a games room and bar.   It seems an odd thing to do when so many families, needing the extra space, can’t buy these bigger homes.  As soon as one comes on the market, it is snapped up.  Luckily.  I shall watch with interest.   As the two boys have  now flown the nest  only the parents remain;  the house has been on the market for eight months.  Not a single viewing.  Apparently.

Save Expensive Errors – Engage Property Management

Having the expertise to design a home or an addition to one, must be one of the most needed skills these days.  In this uncertain business world, there is much interest in buying and selling houses and for those who don’t want to go that route, many are opting to add rooms on or in an existing house.   This will obviously cost quite a lot and very careful thought has to be given up front as to what the family wants, how the additional room will be used etc.

A property management team can bring benefits to a project from their experience built up over years in the industry.  They generall have first hand knowledge of the construction industry together with knowledge of building regulations, how to handle the local planning authorities, how to build or refurbish a property to – come in on time and under budget.

First House Creates Maintenance Learning Curve

Well, that’s the last of the summer holidays – the children have scuttled back to lessons and the rest of the world is settling itself down for the autumn to hit.  This is not quite as alarming in a new house as it is when you own a victorian 3 bedroomed terrace that has had some hard knocks over the  years.

That was my very first house purchase, many years ago it must be said.  If I’d had some ready cash after all the outgoings, I would have engaged the services of a first class interior design and refit team.  Everything was done a job at a time when the funds became available.  A professional property management expert would have looked it over and seen immediately what needed urgent attention and what could wait.  What would be just beautifying and what actually needed doing for safety and value retention and enhancement.  But it and we survived 3 winters there.

Craftsman’s Expertise Wins Over Speedy Completion

One of the things about visiting the countryside is noticing the difference in the house building and development work.  Out in villages, it is critical to keep the fields for farming and not very much land is ever available for housing until a government dictate that insists county building plans are consulted upon and updated.    The only new places are at the expense of an old one – either completely flattened and replaced, or partly so and added to.  There are now lots of these refurbishment and replacement projects going on – a reflection on the need for families to get out there on to the mortgage ladder.

I have been interested in a project to convert a tiny little village school room into a small studio dwelling.  The building team involved are making a fab job.  Slow but exsquisite finishes.  One project where excellence of craftsmanship takes first place over their speed of workmanship!

Getting The Property Portfolio Bug Early

I have a relative buying a starter home with her partner.  They’ve been in 4 years now and through judicious budgeting, have managed to pay off a much larger proportion of their mortgage than  most youngsters at this stage of ownership.  They plan to use some of the equity built up towards a mortgage on a much bigger place, without having to sell it, so they can start a rental portfolio.  Sounds like a very senisble and middle aged idea – the sort of thing you hear someone on the homes by auction programe on daytime tv.

They have already thought long and hard about what they would need to do to keep it in best rentable condition, what would be involved when becoming landlords etc.  The maintenance side hasn’t been overlooked either – plans are afoot to engage a company to oversea regular work to keep their property/ies in best condition throughout.  They’ve even had quotes for landlord insurance too.  Fantastic!

Taking A Breath Of Air Highlights Maintenance Needs

As I sit here soaking up the weak early summer sun streaming into my office, the thought occurs that the patio doors look a little grubby and the patio area outside needs weeding  and grubbing out.  It’s at this point the eye starts to wander a little further towards the outer walls and up to the guttering where at the moment the birds are quipping and singing away in their nests, which of course could  interfere with rain drainage.

Other maintenance and decorating jobs leap out at me as I take a well earned break from duties.   I cast an eye around the outside of the house, noticing things needing attention.  Pointing, guttering, the chimney flashing looks a bit loose and door frames need tidying up.  This is the sort of worry that landlords have with their tenanted porfolios.  Thank heavens there are property maintenance companies who carry out these tasks and see to the safety side of places too. For peace of mind.