Retaining Property On Sentimental Grounds

It would be absolutely wonderful to be able to build ay property that took our fancy on any bit of land we owned, or more likely, one or two family members owned. This canot be possible in this little country – it does feel as if we are getting engulfed by all the new edge of town developments already. When I was in the States earlier this year, I was given a tour round the terrifyingly expensive area that the good and the very rich now have their first homes built. I discovered there is no sentimentality towards houses or buildings in general over there as there is here. Some of the neighbours I managed to chat to were incredulous that we have heritage charities set up specifically to care for old properties, historic battle sites, monuments etc. They do still on the whole bulldoze existing houses once they’re deemed a bit old fashioned, and new ones goes up in their place. Theirs don’t seem to be built by the same methods though and do tend to look like the home built property style.