Skimping On Planning Causes Unparalelled Pain

We all need a little help when we start a new project.  Whether this is to do with refurbishing a house or garden.  You can have all sorts of ideas of what ought to be moved from here and put there, or perhaps let’s knock down this wall and make the area open concept – used to be called open plan when I was a nipper. . . . .   however that’s just splitting hairs.  the only way to really ensure that a good project is designed, planned for, approved, costed and adhered to is to engage the services of a good local contractor.  Unless you and your helper have explicit experience in knocking down anything other than a stickle brick mountain, then major headaches can occur from the very first.  A professional company will save hours of heartache, massive fracturing of the friendship and an even bigger rupture of the bank balance.   Cutting corners to save a few pounds has very very rarely worked out for the good in real life.