Taking A Breath Of Air Highlights Maintenance Needs

As I sit here soaking up the weak early summer sun streaming into my office, the thought occurs that the patio doors look a little grubby and the patio area outside needs weeding  and grubbing out.  It’s at this point the eye starts to wander a little further towards the outer walls and up to the guttering where at the moment the birds are quipping and singing away in their nests, which of course could  interfere with rain drainage.

Other maintenance and decorating jobs leap out at me as I take a well earned break from duties.   I cast an eye around the outside of the house, noticing things needing attention.  Pointing, guttering, the chimney flashing looks a bit loose and door frames need tidying up.  This is the sort of worry that landlords have with their tenanted porfolios.  Thank heavens there are property maintenance companies who carry out these tasks and see to the safety side of places too. For peace of mind.